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Why being bored is the key to creativity

No one likes being bored. Watching the clock tick down your last minutes at work, feeling at a loss of what to do if plans suddenly change, or simply feeling bored with your exercise routine, your wardrobe, or in extreme cases your entire life, we don't usually harbour fond feelings towards boredom. In a life where capturing every moment on social media can seem crucial to proving we have an exciting life, boredom is definitely not rated.

However, I'm here to suggest something different. That sometimes boredom can be, well, good.

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Curiouser and Curiouser

One thing I notice all the time when I teach yoga is how much striving seems to be going on. How much effort we put into trying to reach further than before, to go deeper than we have before, to be better than we have before. But how often are we curious about our yoga practice? I share here just why we should all become curiouser and curiouser about what happens when we're on the mat. 

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Is there a right time to heal?

Is there right time to heal? The time to start healing is when you are ready - but the trick is that you might not know you’re ready, you might not even realise you need to heal, but if you find yourself being drawn to a particular yoga practice, or healing of any kind, then just do it. Don’t ignore your heart’s longings, you are being called, and you must respond. Ready to heal? I think so. 

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