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Curiouser and Curiouser

One thing I notice all the time when I teach yoga is how much striving seems to be going on. How much effort we put into trying to reach further than before, to go deeper than we have before, to be better than we have before. But how often are we curious about our yoga practice? I share here just why we should all become curiouser and curiouser about what happens when we're on the mat. 

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Stand In Your (Girl) Power

Standing in your power means standing in your truth. Trusting in your heart, connecting in with your intuition, and trusting that there is a much bigger, greater power than you simply have to tap into. We all have different ways of connecting into our power - from yoga, to mindfulness, creative outlets like writing and drawing, affirmations and mantras, there's a whole heap of tools out there to fill your toolbox with and get to work.

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