What others say…

I always love Mel’s courses, they are well balanced, thoughtful and enjoyable. Mel is a fabulous tutor, she is receptive to the needs of students, acting with compassion and intuition.”
— Melisa, Herbalist
You have taught me to have the faith to question things and take what I need from all sorts of different areas...I love working with you because I see you doing the work yourself. I see you striving for more and applying your teachings to your own life and it inspires me all the time.
— Kim, Human Rights Lawyer
“Thank you for helping me to be more compassionate with myself, for allowing my inner voice to have a platform. Thank you for sharing your awesome wisdom, along with your humour. Thank you for encouraging us all to be vulnerable and to be feminine, which as women we’ve been taught so much to suppress and disengage. Thank you for removing my guilt around letting my body rest and for offering us all a hand when we feel like we’re sinking. Thank you for your guidance in my everyday life - I feel like you have helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed.”
— Rohr-Junne
Mel is genuinely passionate about the benefits of Yoga Nidra and generous in sharing it with others. She was friendly and considerate, took time to make everyone comfortable, and explained the technique clearly. In addition to being incredibly relaxing, I was surprised to find I made some considerable shifts in thinking after just one session. With her gentle guidance, I became aware of thought patterns such as anxiety and indecision and realised that these were a choice, and that thinking / acting differently was also a simple choice. Just allowing myself that head space made everything seem much clearer. Give it a go and see what it can do for you!
— Steph, yoga teacher
Reflexology exceeded my expectations. Once I understood more about how it worked I could see how it might possibly help me. It made a real difference to my life . . . Mel is a great therapist.
— Michelle
I loved the class today too, it was such a grounding practice and was exactly what I needed without even realising! I haven’t enjoyed a class that much in a long while.
— Leanne, student
Thank you so so much for such a beautiful, peaceful and unique workshop yesterday. Your inner truth and passion for the more calmer and loving style of yoga shone through yesterday and your energy was not only very healing, but truly inspiring. THANK YOU THANK YOU! MORE MORE MORE!
— Jane, yoga teacher
Thank you for the course. As you know I have loved ‘connecting’ with my cycle. I really can’t believe that until this point in my life, the only thoughts I’ve given to my periods are either that I’m bleeding, or worrying that I haven’t bled for a long time. I feel that the course and your emails are helping me to gradually think a little differently about the menstrual cycle, self care and life in general and I’m really loving what I’m discovering so thank you.
— Minnie, mother