Rest Is Radical: the book

It all started when…

I attended a unique and intensive yoga nidra course on the wild Aran Islands, on the west coast of Ireland. Practicing up to 13 yoga nidra meditations a day, I had entered into a blissful contemplative state unlike any other I have ever experienced. 

One evening after listening to captivating pagan stories, I felt full of energy, and was compelled to hike my way to the top of an amphitheatre-like fort resting on the edge of a 300foot sheer drop to nothing but the wild Atlantic ocean.  It always felt wild no matter what time of day, but at 10pm in midsummer, it certainly felt wilder than ever. Reaching the top, I decided to do something I hadn’t been brave enough to do before - lie on my stomach and shuffle my head over the edge at the 300 foot sheer drop to the ocean and rocks. Alone and at night, it was exhilarating.

After hovering my camera with somewhat trembling hands over the edge, and taking a few snaps, I pulled myself back. Lifting myself up and off my stomach was almost as terrifying as looking down! I was trembling, my heart was racing, energy coursed through my body and I felt awake and alive. I started to make my way back down the cliff when suddenly, it came to me: Rest Is Radical.

It was like someone or something whispering into my ear. It was as though the land were speaking to me. I didn’t feel like I had come up with a slogan or catchphrase, and at that moment I didn’t even really know what the words meant. But the Earth’s voice was whispering, rest is radical, rest is radical, and I somehow knew that I was being asked to do something, and thus, the book project began.

Who is it for?

This is a book for anyone who has felt sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; anyone who longs for another way beyond deadlines and to-do lists; anyone who is ready for an easy way to feel better — anyone who is ready to make simple changes to their life to improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It is for men and women, although there is a section specifically on the menstrual cycle. It is written for all people in all lives. It does not demand you radically change your life - rather it suggests the possibilities that creating a more restful life may bring. 

Where can I buy it?

I am busy writing the book at present, it’s due to be the published by Aeon mid 2020. The best way to stay informed of its progress is to sign up to my newsletter here. In the meantime I have shared a little excerpt from the book below. 

Excerpt from book

"Tired, busy, stressed: these words summed up my life ten years ago, when going above and beyond at work was my way of proving myself in the world and avoiding my grief. I was exhausted, wondering how bad things had to get before I could officially say I was burnt out, yet I still continued to push myself hard with little time for rest. Everyone around me seemed to be tired, stressed and busy, why should I be any different? Feeling short tempered, irritable, unhappy and overwhelmed felt like a natural response to most situations, and my forays into depression and anxiety became more frequent whilst my physical health seemed to be weakening despite the miles I clocked up or the hours at the gym. Starting a yoga teachers’ training course had already begun to change my perspective on the world, but it wasn’t until a five day yoga nidra retreat that I discovered what it meant to completely relax and let go. This was the start of something big, but of course, like everyone else, after the retreat I had to return to a busy diary and demanding job. I did however start to practice yoga nidra at least once a day..."