Join Mel as she offers yoga as a gift to be received, rather than a goal to be accomplished. We each have our own innate wisdom, our own desires, and our own need for greater clarity, be it in our purpose, our prosperity, our pleasure or our freedom.

Yoga can help us unravel the layers of confusion, fogginess or disconnect to live a life of greater courage and compassion. Mel would love for you to join her on this exploration of what it means to move with awareness, to remain attentive to the breath, and how stillness in meditation can bring greater steadiness in life. 

Time for you

Let yoga be the gift you really need in a 1-2-1 session. Mel specialises in yoga for women's health, emotional and mental health, and deep rhealing. Come and rest your body, mind and soul.

Rest and Restore

Find time and space to nourish your body, mind and soul on an idyllic yoga retreat.



Heal your heart, indulge your body, and restore your senses in a Restorative Afternoon or Celebration of Shakti workshop.


Meet Mel

Yoga teacher, writer, founder of Rest is Radical, Mel is committed to living a life full of courage, wisdom and love. 

“Today’s class was the best and most exquisite class I have had in the last 20 years! Thanks for the energy and space.”
— Dee
“The retreat was wonderful. Mel was knowledgable, and a breath of fresh air!”
— Mary
“A good range of activities, both yin and yang. I feel truly restored!”
— Kerry
“Mel’s workshops and retreat have had a huge impact on helping me to manage my chronic fatigue syndrome in a way that nothing else has. I can highly recommend both, to those just wishing to treat themselves to some high quality R&R and for those managing stress or chronic illness.”
— Helena