Find your way back to rest

I am a yoga teacher, reflexologist, menstrual coach, and astrologer.

Rest is at the heart of all my teachings. Astrology allows you to understand who you truly are - a beautiful soul on this earth - and yoga offers you the tools to relax and breathe into your being. Menstrual cycle awareness restores an almost-lost connection to the deep feminine, and reflexology rebalances the whole system allow for complete healing.

I’d love for you to join me.

Release, re-energise, renew

By connecting to your body, your breath, and your heart you will deepen your awareness and release physical, mental and emotional tensions to feel restored and renewed. This is yoga as you’ve never experienced: powerful, accessible and often completely effortless. Drawing on insights from my own journey through stress, burnout and loss, I teach research based practices to help you overcome life’s challenges and find the rest you truly need. I share practices which can help you:

  • Recover from stress and fatigue and learn how to prevent yourself from becoming ill

  • Support a healthy menstrual cycle

  • Begin to heal symptoms of anxiety or depression as you welcome feelings of safety, security and joy

  • Break free of negative thought patterns and fear by connecting with your deepest sense of well-being

  • Uncover a language of symbols and metaphor to awaken to yourself as a soulful being as well as a physical one

I teach classes, workshops and one-to-ones in Bristol, and also share workshops and retreats around the UK - I look forward to warmly welcoming you to practice, learn and grow with me.


Time to nurture and nourish...

Escape into nature’s beauty and give yourself time, space and permission for deep rest. My retreats are a chance to nourish yourself with delicious food, luxurious accommodation and plenty of soothing yoga. Give a gift to your mind, body and soul and leave feeling nurtured, nourished and rested.


Rest and Restore Retreat, stroud
Fri 3rd September - Sun 5th January 2020

Come and be nourished at Hawkwood Cottage near Stroud where you can connect with nature, rest, and step away from the to-do lists and responsibilities.

Nurture and Nourish Summer Retreat, Wales
Dates tbc

Watch the sunset at the beach just a stone's throw away and relax into luxurious accommodation and delicious and nutritious food.

Thank you so so much for such a beautiful, peaceful and unique workshop yesterday. Your inner truth and passion for the more calm and loving style of yoga shone through yesterday and your energy was not only very healing, but truly inspiring. THANK YOU THANK YOU! MORE MORE MORE!
— Jane


If you’re looking for deep healing, one-to-one sessions can provide exactly the support you need. I create a safe, caring space to guide you through powerful yet accessible practices to help you safely reconnect with your body and mind, helping you overcome stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Mel is an exceptional person, and people warm to her instantly. Humble, full of compassion and an excellent teacher.
— Linda

Rest and restore

Treat yourself to ‘me time’ in a workshop to let go of physical tension, create space for the natural breath and find the peace that is already within you.


Get in touch

If you're brand new to yoga and wondering where to begin, interested in exploring one-to-one healing, or just want to chat about yoga, I'd love to hear from you