Name: Zoe
Age: 36
Profession: Massage therapist
Main reason for seeking 1-2-1:  PND, anxiety, new mum, chronic pain conditions

How did you discover Mel? Why you decided to invest in a 1-2-1?
I am a new mum, and have been managing postnatal depression, anxiety and low self-esteem for a while. My little boy was unwell for a long time which added to the strains of new motherhood! My husband found Mel online and thought her approach sounded fantastic and bought me a session for me birthday and then offered to buy me a set of 6 sessions. After the first 6 sessions we both knew I had found in Mel someone very special, and a yoga practice that helped with pain and mental stress more than anything else I had tried.

How has 1-2-1s with Mel helped you, physically, mentally, emotionally and spirituality? How did you feel before and after your first session, and how you feel now?
I felt at ease from the start when Mel arrived at my home. Time flew by and I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt after the first session. It made me realise just how stressed and tired I was and in need of help. I found in the days after that I remained calmer and less reactive at home with my baby and husband and that to me was worth paying for. The yoga has made me a better mum – I can cope with my son’s outbursts and toddlerhood better and when I am having a bad day I do shorter nidra at home that Mel recorded for me to boost my mood and physical feelings. In terms of my pain – I have chronic pain and each time I do the nidra sessions I feel almost a complete reduction in my pain for a short while, and less pain overall since I ve been continuing the sessions. I am more confident in myself and during the sessions with Mel I experienced such positive feelings in myself and self-love which I have NEVER experienced before in my life. The restorative poses have helped with my new mum tightness in the chest from breastfeeding and in the hips and knees from carrying my son up and down the stairs! I hope to continue to work with Mel, although I can do a lot of it now at home, she always helps more than just with yoga – she has so much wisdom and advice to offer and always makes me feel better within 10 minutes of talking to her before we actually start the session! I have learnt a lot about being a woman and my cycle and how this affects everything, and reducing my stress in daily life.
What would you say to anyone considering investing in 1-2-1s with Mel?
I wish I had found this earlier!!!! Yoga nidra worked for me so well – it is the deepest form of meditation and relaxation I have found so far and I’ve tried lots of different methods. I’ve done hypnosis and meditation but yoga nidra is more than that, I feel AMAZING after the sessions and so much happier and calmer. I would recommend this to anyone suffering with depression, anxiety, stress or chronic pain. It has changed how I view my life, my relationships and my overall sense of happiness. Mel is absolutely the kindest, most knowledgeable yogi I know and I am very grateful to have had her help.