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Curiouser and Curiouser

One thing I notice all the time when I teach yoga is how much striving seems to be going on. How much effort we put into trying to reach further than before, to go deeper than we have before, to be better than we have before. But how often are we curious about our yoga practice? I share here just why we should all become curiouser and curiouser about what happens when we're on the mat. 

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Time to surrender

The last few days have seen plenty of posts about the full moon. How to manage your energy during full moon, why you may be feeling a bit loopy right about now, and how to use the beauty of the moon to manifest your dreams. Whilst I love the beauty and power of the full moon, and notice that my dreams tend to be a bit wackier than usual, what strikes me is that the full moon is also an opportunity surrender.

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