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Are you a spiritual snob?

We all know the type. The one who likes to tell you what time they go up to practice, how long they practice for, and how far their practice has 'progressed'. The ones who tell you that yoga has changed their life and it can change your life as well, hell, it probably should change your life, because if you're not doing yoga all the time then surely something is wrong. Whether you're getting these messages from that ever so loud and proud person in the changing room or from the onslaught of social media challenges and Insta-worthy pics, it's not that difficult to be cornered by a spiritual snob, or - gasp - turn into one.

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Stand In Your (Girl) Power

Standing in your power means standing in your truth. Trusting in your heart, connecting in with your intuition, and trusting that there is a much bigger, greater power than you simply have to tap into. We all have different ways of connecting into our power - from yoga, to mindfulness, creative outlets like writing and drawing, affirmations and mantras, there's a whole heap of tools out there to fill your toolbox with and get to work.

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Take the leap

Can you remember a time when you’ve had to be brave? When you’ve taken unsteady steps in a new direction without knowing what the hell was going to happen? Or have you always played it safe, staying in the comfort zone? Here's why taking the leap gave me one of the best years of my life. 

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