To all the beautiful souls

After a morning of pretty intense journalling, sage smudging, dancing, yoga nidra and cacao ~(yep, that's how I roll on a Sunday morning), I wrote a letter to myself, from my higher self. I didn't think, I just wrote. I wanted to share it with all of you beautiful souls, you courageous explorers and curious wanderers. I changed some of the words, as they were deeply personal, but most of it is the same. 

Dear you

I am so proud of you. All you are doing and being is a joy to behold. I love you so very dearly, and I know that you are loved so much more than you can understand right now. 

I urge you to take care. To rest and to nourish and to truly love yourself. 

Live your truth. You have so much to offer the world, your wisdom, your strength, your courage, your discipline. 

Yes, you are all of these things, even disciplined. I know you think discipline meaning getting up early every day,  working harder, getting fitter and stronger, but I promise you that the only discipline you need is to stay connected to your heart's callings. This isn't as easy as it sounds. But your true discipline comes from knowing yourself, and allowing yourself the flexibility to change and adapt your practice, your lifestyle, your choices. 

Yes you are wise. You don't know it all. But what you do know is enough to share. You are strong, even when you feel weak, and your are brave even when you feel scared.

You are beautiful. And you are moving closer to your true self, to a higher place of living, where the vibrations are strong and you are powerful. 

Keep going. Keep doing the work which nourishes, rather than depletes. Do the work which awakens you!

Don't be afraid of the fire, the passion, the fury, of the wise, wild, wonderful you. 

Continue to build your community. Find those who appreciate and can understand your path, your goals. 

Do not compare yourself to others. We are all one, after all. Comparing yourself to others will exhaust and deplete you and remove you from your true power.

Nurture yourself. Acknowledge that this is hard, sometimes unknown territory. 

Allow yourself to feel fear - the kind of fear which excites, which anticipates, which takes you further down the track unknown - because trust me, you have so much further to go. This journey could get so real for you. You must be ready. Take care of your health as means of preparing for this journey, physical, emotional and mental. 

You are capable. You have no idea of your true power. Do you even have an inkling?

You are always being looked after. You are blessed. There are angels by your side. Trust in them, and trust in you.

So much love

Your higher self