A whole new world

Just recently I've been offered the chance to deepen my spiritual connection. I've reconnected with a therapist I used to work with a few years ago, who I know to be excellent, and I've also been connected to an energy healer in Australia. 

I've done some energy healing work, I know it to be hugely powerful, insight and transformative. Maybe not overnight transformation, but definitely the sort of work that has the potential to change you, big time. What I'm saying is, I'm no cynic. I am completely signed up to the idea that we are all spiritual beings, that there is a greater spirit which connects us all, and that everything around us breathes life. A friend who came over for dinner last night joked I was a hippy because I had hemp milk in the fridge. If you think hemp milk makes you a hippy, you ain't seen nothing yet! 

So you'd think I was ready to jump at the chance of working with these two new healers, to keep delving deeper into my soul and spirit and to continue to open up to this new world? After all, I have already surrendered so much of my life to my beliefs. Giving up the job was the biggest external change but the amount of work that has gone on changing the inside has been phenomenal (and by the way, mostly unseeen, unnoticed, and suddenly not shared across social media, because you simply can't. I can write and try to share my story, my experiences, in the hope they connect to someone in the way so many have been connected to me, but ultimately my journey is a deeply personal one, as all our journeys are, and only we can really know the work that has gone on, and the changes that have happened). I am definitely not adverse to putting the effort in.

Yet . . . and yet. Today in savasana after a particularly nourishing practice involving somatics and womb yoga, these offers of energy healing came to my mind. And I immediately flinched. My left fingers twiched and my right shoulder jerked. I immediately wanted to get uo and move. Come on now, you're already behind schedule, you've practiced really gently, no need for a long savasana. That voice was so persistent so strong that I nearly got straight up. I caught myself just in time, and made myself stay still. I let the resistance just melt, and I let myself open, open to the idea of further work, of further deepening, and of further letting go.

Because what this resistance is really about is fear. The fear of letting go. Energy work reminds you that you are not in control. That there is a world surrounding us which most of the time we do not see, do not feel, do not realise is there. Energy work connects you with that world, gives you messages which might not make sense, and connects you to your sense in a way much deeper than most other practices. It's not a journey to be rushed, nor one to be delayed. When these people come your way, don't dismiss them. Allow yourself to be led by gentle curiosity, intuition and a slice of awareness. You could be opening a door to a whole new world.