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The tragedy of Michael Stone

The passing of Michael Stone acts as a wake up call to all that teach and practice yoga. In a culture where weakness is frowned upon, vulnerability is weakness, and there is no time for grief, no space for sadness, no acknowledgement of deep pain, yoga could be offering us salvation. Yoga could be building a community where we create space for weakness, for vulnerability, for grief, sadness and pain. But it isn't. Yoga (or the industry around it) is exactly the same as the other corporate bullshit we are fed #everydamnday. We all have a responsibility, to ourselves and to others. To get real - and to learn what true love really is. 

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Why the best is yet to come

We live in a time of overwhelming amounts of information. Learning to discern and sift through through all of it is an art most of us are still learning. But how it would be feel to take a step back from all that information? To take a moment to consider whether your beliefs about yourself and the world are being fed by what you read and who you talk to? How would it feel to tear up those stories and write some new ones? And how it would feel if, in those new stories, .you believed that the best was yet to come?

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Why being bored is the key to creativity

No one likes being bored. Watching the clock tick down your last minutes at work, feeling at a loss of what to do if plans suddenly change, or simply feeling bored with your exercise routine, your wardrobe, or in extreme cases your entire life, we don't usually harbour fond feelings towards boredom. In a life where capturing every moment on social media can seem crucial to proving we have an exciting life, boredom is definitely not rated.

However, I'm here to suggest something different. That sometimes boredom can be, well, good.

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