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The tragedy of Michael Stone

The passing of Michael Stone acts as a wake up call to all that teach and practice yoga. In a culture where weakness is frowned upon, vulnerability is weakness, and there is no time for grief, no space for sadness, no acknowledgement of deep pain, yoga could be offering us salvation. Yoga could be building a community where we create space for weakness, for vulnerability, for grief, sadness and pain. But it isn't. Yoga (or the industry around it) is exactly the same as the other corporate bullshit we are fed #everydamnday. We all have a responsibility, to ourselves and to others. To get real - and to learn what true love really is. 

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The battle of the body

When our attitude to ourselves is one of loathing, it doesn't matter what we do to change or improve ourselves, we will always fail. Companies like Weightwatchers make most of their money from repeat customers, because if you are punishing yourself with food and exercise, you are going to run out of steam and either go on a mad binge or just burn out. The more we can bring love to everything we do, the easier it becomes to realise that you truly are beautiful. 

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