Lift your spirirts

Restorative yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system - those of you who have been to class or a workshop with me before will have heard me say that a few times! Do you know what else activates the PNS? Smiling. Have you done much of that recently? Sometimes it may feel hard to find a genuine sense of happiness in your heart - perhaps this meditation with help you.

1. Sit comfortably

2. Close eyes

3. Spend a few minutes here. Notice the body, notice the breath. Notice the body - if it aches, is tight or tense. Notice the breath again. Notice the mind, the thoughts. Don't try and stop them. Notice the body. Notice the breath.

4. Keep your eyes closed, and gently smile.

5. Imagine this smile travelling up to your eyes - lifting the corner of the eyes.

6. Imagine the smile travelling to your heart, the whole rib cage broadening.

7. Imagine the pelvis smiling, hip bones lifting.

8. Sit here, whole body smiling, breath soft.

9. When you're ready gently open your eyes.

10. Notice how you feel.

That's it - short and simple. Try anytime you feel your heart is aching.



Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash