New moon in Taurus: Pleasure and practicality

Welcome to the new moon in Taurus and the first moon past Beltane, meaning we start this lunar cycle in a new seasonal transition moving from the peak of spring and heading towards summer. This moon is in the earth sign of Taurus, known for its reliable and practical nature, its pleasure-seeking needs, and ability to create in the physical world. This is a great time to build on the fiery impulsive nature of Aries last month - use the new moon to pause, and reflect on what you want to take forward. The tenacity of Taurus will help you commit to long-standing projects and complete the tasks that help you continue to progress. Not only hard workers, Taureans are also very playful and sensual, so make sure you use some of this energy to indulge your senses and have some fun.  

Symbolism of the moon

The new moon is a reminder from nature to turn our energy inwards, and become more quiet and introspective. We can spend much of our time sharing and spending our energy on outward pursuits and endeavours, but if we don’t take the time out to rest and regroup, we can easily become distracted, unmotivated and lost. Although the Taurus energy is one of determination, it can also easily become lethargic. The new moon is associated with a heaviness, so if you find yourself becoming too sluggish at this time, perhaps balance out the need for downtime with a peaceful walk in nature, or spending quiet time with very good friends (or pets!). Just make sure your activities are replenishing, rather than depleting you.

Getting things done - and having fun along the way

Taurus is rooted in practicality and sensibility. Sometimes known as stubborn, the Taurean energy can equally be viewed as committed - if a Taurean makes you a promise, they won’t let you down. This is what makes Taurus such a hard worker, they have the ability to see things through to the end.

This is great news for anyone in the middle of a long-running activity, such as a long term study project or piece of work. We can embrace the Taurus energy to help ourselves stay with the task in hand - we may find we can use the practical energy of Taurus to create new project plans or set new deadlines, and because Taurus is such a pleasure-seeking sign, we may find we can motivate ourselves with the promise of a delicious meal or luxurious hot bath once we’ve completed our work for the day.   

If our work happens to be on the practical side of life, even better. Whether you are in need of sorting out your finances or spring cleaning your house, this is the time to do it. Taurus loves the material world, and money and self-esteem are of high importance here. It’s a physical sign, so using your body by getting out in the garden, enjoying a massage or reflexology (you can book in with me here) or simply enjoying the smells of perfume and touch of fabric against the skin.

However your choose to express the Taurus energy, pleasure must be combined with practicality. Actively seek out beauty in the world, enjoy food, drink and time at home, and see the people you love, as well as ploughing on with work tasks and household chores.

Taurus energy is driven, so in order to use this energy to manifest and create make such you take time this new moon to pause and consider how to best use this energy in your life. Taurus energy is a force to be reckoned with - make sure this force is being utilised in the most positive way in your life.

Taurus energy can become a bit too lazy if left unchecked. If you have a lot of strong Taurus energy, this may be a good time to get a bit honest with yourself about whether you’re putting enough energy into your plans, goals and interests. If you are more likely to push yourself too hard, then embrace the Taurean ability to indulge and relax!

Whereas last month the enthusiastic energy of Aries asked us to fire up our ideas and ambition, Taurus invites us to recognise that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Taking time to rest is essential in any long-term endeavour, be that completing a work or study project, a house move or savings plan. Slow down, chill out and relax. Trust that the Taurus energy will give you stamina to keep moving forward whilst reminding you to enjoy the journey!

New Moon Intentions

Queen Elisabeth is a Taurean, and what better example of someone with commitment and tenacity! Andy Murray is known for his drive and determination, and is a Taurean man, and celebrities such as George Clooney certainly express the Venus qualities of beauty and appeal.

Use this new moon to make plans and set goals that help you find more pleasure in the world. Boost your self-esteem by spending money on small (or big!) luxuries, enjoy being at home - there is a reason why spring cleaning is in spring! - and renewing your appreciation for food and drink. Although this can be a good time to get your finances in order, but don’t get too frugal. Taureans love pleasure, so relax, indulge the senses. Delicious food, plenty of sleep, a sensual massage - do what makes you feel really good, and most of all, enjoy!