Enjoy deep relaxation with reflexology, a natural and holistic therapy on the feet. 

Our feet are our connection to the earth, and they carry us through our lives. Despite the service they do for us, many of us are embarrassed by or neglectful of our feet.

By learning to take care of our feet, we can learn the importance of allowing ourselves to put our feet up and relax. Reflexology is a holistic therapy which cannot 'diagnose' or 'treat' specific diseases or illnesses, but rather can encourage the your own capacity for healing. Reflexology can reduce stress, improve circulation, and stimulate digestion. 

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Restore balance, find calm



Reflexology is a holistic therapy which encourages your own capacity for healing by reducing stress, improving circulation, increasing immunity and stimulating digestion. By applying pressure just to the feet, this is a non-invasive treatment which can have profound affects on the whole body and mind.



For couples seeking to conceive, reproflexology was developed by Seren Natural Fertility to support both men and women in their fertility journey.

Reproflexology can be used alongside conventional medical treatments such as IUI and IVF/ICSI.

Starting with a detailed consultation, reproflexology requires a minimum of 6 sessions for maximum benefits.

This will help both men and women connect with the holistic nature of conceiving a child, helping couples to prepare for this life-changing event.

Please note that reproflexology is also suitable for same-sex couple.s

Taking bookings from January 2020 - book your consultation here

Is it safe to have reflexology if I am pregnant or menstruating?

It is usually consider safe to have reflexology when menstruating, and in fact can help to ease any menstrual cramps through relaxation. However if you suffer from heavy bleeding you may prefer to book your session outside of your bleed time.. In pregnancy it is recommended to avoid reflexology in the first trimester.

Are there any other times I should avoid reflexology?

If you have internal bleeding, cancer, infectious diseases, acute fevers, or conditions requiring surgery or recovering from surgery (for up to 2 months post surgery) then I recommend you avoid reflexology. If you're not sure, please consult your doctor or health care professional. 

I am embarrassed of my feet! Can I still have reflexology?

Lots of people are embarrassed or ashamed of their feet, which is a shame when you consider how much they do for you! So long as you don't have any infectious skin conditions on your feet (verrucas for example), then please don't hold yourself back. 

Prices and Booking

All sessions take place in Hanham, Bristol. Full details will be sent to you once you have booked.

You can purchase single sessions. Use the links below to book.

New clients - 75 mins - £55

Existing clients - 60 mins - £45

Alternatively you can purchase multiple sessions and recieve a discount. These packages are available for new and existing clients. All sessions must be booked within 6 months of the purchase date.

x3 60min reflexology - £120 (£40 per session)

x6 60min reflexology - £210 (£30 per session)

Astrology with Reflexology

I would highly recommend an Astrology reading before coming to your reflexology session. Bringing the insights of an Astrology reading into your one to one sessions can give me a much clearer idea of what practices might be best suited to you. Find out more about Astrology Readings

These are available for new and existing clients. Use the links below to book.

x1 60min Astrology & 60min Reflexology - £80

x1 60min Astrology & x3 60min Reflexology - £155

x1 60min Astrology & x6 60min Reflexology - £245

Low Cost Wednesdays

On the first Wednesday of every month I offer a low cost day for those who cannot afford to pay for a full price treatment.

Use the links below to book. Please remember to bring cash or card with you to pay after your session.

NEW CLIENTS - 75min reflexology - between - £35 - £45

EXISTING CLIENTS - 60min reflexology - between - £25 - £35

Reflexology exceeded my expectations. Once I understood more about how it worked I could see how it might possibly help me. It made a real difference to my life . . . Mel is a great therapist.
— Michelle