New moon in Aries: All about you

Welcome to the new moon in Aries, and the first new moon past spring equinox. This is the time for focusing on yourself as we receive more light from the sun, and shift towards a focus on the individual. This is a great time to bring energy and enthusiasm towards your appearance, your hobbies and your sense of fun. Aries energy can be naive and innocent, as well as impatient and quick, so if you want to try something new but have been too scared before, this is the time to do it! Just keep it lighthearted and carefree; Aries energy does not want to get weighed down by anything too serious at this time.

Finding balance

Whilst the Aries energy may ask us to move quickly, the energy of the new moon requires that we slow down, and become still. Gazing out of the window with nothing particular to do is a wonderful activity at new moon, as are the practices of restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Although the Aries energy may be urging you to move forward, take time to rest, particularly if you are coming out of winter feeling depleted and exhausted. We have just passed equinox, a time representing balance, so check in with your own personal needs, and do what you can to honour them.

A spark of light

Aries is a fire sign, representing action and movement. It can be likened to the image of a match - all it takes is a spark to light a whole fire. This is why Aries is so good at initiating the new, making it the perfect time to try a new haircut, new recipe or new activity. The Aries energy can also be very keen to prove itself, which can get a little tiresome both for the individual and the people around them - make sure you take time to relax in-between all the new hobbies and projects you’re taking on.

Enjoy trying new things, but don’t over-commit. Aries energy gets bored quickly. Use the impulsiveness of Aries to bring more fun into your life, but avoid taking anything on which you may lose interest in, such as long term projects or anything requiring a lot of planning and strategy.

Aries is sometimes called the first sign of the zodiac, and is perfectly suited for the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere. It takes a huge burst of courage and optimism for the spring to finally push its way past winter, and so we may be able to find these traits within ourselves at this time of year. New year resolutions which were forgotten by the end of January may be dusted off once again here as we find ourselves supported by the lighter days to re-energise and invigorate ourselves. We may find the courage within us to make decisions or changes we’ve been longing to make, as well as finding a sweetly innocent and occasionally naive belief in our actions. Whilst Aries can be an excellent support in getting things started, the energy generally doesn’t last for long, so again, don’t over-extend yourself at this stage.

Whereas the previous month of Pisces invited us to connect with ourselves as spiritual beings, Aries is much more ego-centric. This doesn’t have to be negative, rather we can consider that making the most of ourselves, be that our appearance, our sense of fun or our ambition, is a wonderful way to show appreciation for our existence here on this earth.

New Moon Intentions

Robert Downey Junior and Lady Gaga are two wonderful examples of Aries people, both strong individuals with a great deal of will, charisma and individualism.

Use the new moon to set your intentions to foster your own sense of self-esteem, reflect on what makes you unique, and celebrate that. Celebrate successes, no matter how small, and prioritise having fun. Let go of serious politics or worries that may be weighing you down, if just for a day, and let yourself be the match that sparks something new.

This is the time for you - so embrace your whole being, and let yourself fall in love with who you are, in this moment.