New moon in Pisces - time to dream

And so we are met this month with a moon and sun in Pisces, as well as Neptune and Mercury. This is a wonderful time for dreaming, visualising, and dusting off our imagination and playfulness, but some of us may also struggle to stay down to earth and connected with reality at this time. Use this quiet, dark and heavy energy of the moon, coupled with these changeable days of early spring, to take some time for doing, and make time for dreaming.

Doing less is the new doing more…

As many of you know, the new moon is symbolic of the ending of one cycle and beginning of another. We live in a very ‘go go go’ culture, with emphasis and reward often being on doing and achieving. The new moon is a wonderful time to pause, check in with yourself, and assess your needs before moving back into a new cycle.

This way may seem unrealistic in this day and age, but as busy as we may be - and I know many of us have jobs, children, projects and hobbies to fit in - we really do have a right to rest. Not only this, but resting can replenish our physical health by reducing stress, easing muscle tension and calming the mind.  It is also a chance to become a little more introspective. We live in an extroverted world, which can be too bright at times, so I invite you to use the regular cycle of the moon to attend to your inner world, your world of sensation, thought, and emotion. This is a form of meditation, and can bring great changes and shifts to the way you live your life.

Feeling and sensing

Pisces is a water sign, representing emotion and creativity. Pisces are often intuitive, can be natural empaths and may feel very sensitive to the environment around them.

Pisces is sometimes thought of the last sign of the zodiac. It is referred to as the amalgamation of all the other signs, the most spiritual, or the most wise, although we could argue against these ideas. There is certainly something about Pisces which cannot be pinned down - its fish-like quality make it a changeable sign, moving fervently in one direction one moment and than having a seemingly radical change of the heart the next, resulting in confusion about which direction to take at all.

The linear world we live in is not always easy for a Pisces, which needs space and permission to change direction, change thought, and even change plans! Pisces must be allowed to dream, and so dreaming at this phase could help you connect with your wider and spiritual goals.

Pisces can have a reputation for being flaky space cadets who can’t get things done. This is unfair, but perhaps those of us who have their sun or other planets in Pisces (like me) recognise a grain of truth in that statement. One way we can work with this beautiful Pisces energy is to clear some space in the diary. To allow ourselves the freedom to move and do as we feel in the moment. For some of us this could simply mean giving ourselves a lunch break away from the office, maybe letting ourselves wander around some green space or eat in a new place. Some of us may want to dust off our notebooks and pencils for some drawing, poetry writing or journalling. And some of us may want to wake up and let the day unfold, rather than leaping into a list of to-dos and appointments.

The world can be a tough place for the sensitive Pisces, and so connecting with your spiritual self becomes more important. Last month we explored what new rules we might come up with in the Aquarius energy; this month why not open your mind and heart to the thought of yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience? You may this easier than you think at this time.

New Moon Intentions

Despite the reputation of Pisces as being flaky, they can be and often are, hugely successful. Steve Jobs was a Pisces, and brought his imagination and creativity to launch the hugely success Apple brand. Michaelangelo was also a Pisces (his birthday would have been today), as was Albert Einstein.

Time to daydream, stroll through nature, have a lie in or enjoy art is not unproductive. Rather, engaging your right brain energy can help you develop greater skills of creativity and innovation to help you continue your journey through this world.

Let yourself do what you love. Be that listening to this month’s yoga nidra recording, visiting an art exhibition, or simply gazing out the window at the clouds, give yourself permission to simply just be, and trust that insight and guidance will find its way to you.

Photo by Dyaa Eldin on Unsplash