New moon in Aquarius: think bigger

Welcome to this new moon, today greeting us in Aquarius, the same placement as the sun. Whilst last month may have been about reflecting on our work and checking in that our practical needs are being met, this new moon starts us off in Aquarius, and the opportunity to continue to build on the foundations set at the beginning of the last cycle.

Space for new ideas

As we draw to the end of the first lunar cycle 2019, we use this time to pause, become still and take stock. Resting is essential for the renewal of our physical bodies as well as offering the chance to connect with our divine selves. Addiction to busy-ness, doing and technology leave us depleted and numb, and so each new moon offers us the chance to create some space in the diary, and turn the phone off for a few hours.

It is also indicative of the natural ending of new cycle and the pause before the beginning of the next., and this new moon arrives in Aquarius, the sign of thought and understanding.

Dreaming big and hoping high

Aquarius is an air sign, representing thought, intellect and imagination. Aquarius is a great thinker, often drawn towards more unusual or eccentric ideas, particularly relating to the progress and evolution of humankind.

The Aquarius wants things to be different. They can have great vision and ideas about how things could change, but they are also ruled by Saturn, the slow moving planet associated with structure and form, melancholy and control, so whilst the sign of Aquarius is generally one of progressive thought, there is a risk of being too fixed in thought or ideology, or even developing a more dystopian view of the world.

They can be community minded yet possess a very individual persona - they may love to socialise, but be very cool at the same time. They can be drawn to humanitarian causes, to issues surrounding the greater good and wider community, rather that just the self. Rosa Parks, one the initiators of the civil rights movement in America, was an Aquarius, and offers an example of someone prepared to be the first one to do things differently to benefit others.

Last month we looked at Capricorn as the sign for laying down foundations to secure ourselves in the world, now Aquarius allows us chance to breathe, look up into clouds and dream bigger. Like Capricorn, Aquarius loves rules, but is more like to be making up new rules than sticking to the old, so why not give yourself permission to dream a little differently, to do a little differently, and to take extra time to appreciate the beautiful humans, creatures and earth around you?  

New moon intentions

Whilst Aquarius are great thinkers with big ideas, the realisation of those ideas doesn’t happen overnight. Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day, and the new moon energy is always symbolic of stillness and inaction. You can use this new moon energy to reflect on your own thoughts and beliefs about the world, and whether these are serving both yourself and the world around you. This could be anything from reviewing whether your work is in alignment with your ideas, whether your thoughts are supporting you in progressing throughout your life, to just asking yourself what your values are in this world. This can be as simple as recycling more often, to learning to recognise the signals from your body about times to eat and rest

Remember this is never a time for action - simply carving a little bit of time and space for contemplation, perhaps drawing or writing out your ideas. Does your life offers you the chance the live in the way your heart desires, in a way that doesn’t unnecessarily damage our Earth, ourselves or each other? Are you part of the right community? Allow yourself the gift of resting, reflection and connection at this potent time, and move into February with clarity and vision.

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash