New moon in Gemini: Time to play!

Halfway through the year, a lunar cycle in Gemini begins and we are in summer and heading fast (in true Gemini style) towards the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Gemini is an air sign and a big shift from the reliable and steady nature of Taurus last month. Whereas last month the moon offered us the chance to find pleasure in the world around us, Gemini is a call from a higher intellect, driven by a curiosity and explorative attitude. Gemini moves quickly, talks fast, and has the ability to take in lots of new ideas and information very quickly. The flip side of this is that we can try and do too much at the same time, and end up feeling scattered and fragmented. Starting the lunar cycle here gives us the chance to rest and find stability, before the summer energy disrupts our usual routines.

Symbolism of the moon

The new moon is the start of one cycle and beginning of another, and although many of us live lifestyles which involve rushing from one place to the next, with little time for pause, we can use this darkness of the moon as an invitation to take stock and breathe. Whilst the Gemini energy is nimble and agile, we can easily feel scattered, as though the mind is split and we are being pulled into several directions at the same time. Gemini has a lot of energy, so being outdoors and getting your hands and feet in the earth, river, or sea can be revitalising and help ground the Gemini energy. Don’t overdo it though, as Gemini can easily become chaotic without structure and boundaries.

As fast as the speed of light…

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet associated with travel, learning and communication. It is the quickest moving planet in the zodiac, and as Gemini has the element of air, speed is a key word here. Quick, agile and curious, Gemini can assimilate a great deal of information and make sense of it quickly. It could be easy for the Gemini to get impatient with those who don’t grasp new ideas as quickly, but Geminis also contain the ability to communicate well, so if you are a Gemini or Gemini rising, remember to be patient with those around you.

Whilst new concepts come easily to them, the Gemini could easily feel overwhelmed if they try and do too much at the same time. Bring some structure into your life by planning to only read one book at a time, or simply allow space in your schedule for playfulness to emerge. This is a playful and mischievous sign, so it’s important that there is space for fun and games, preferably anything active, whilst remembering the tenderness that belies the clever and sometimes volatile persona.

June is the perfect time to get outdoors, socialise, play sport, or get on your bike. Using the ineffable energy of Gemini in a physical way can help prevent any feeling of ‘monkey mind’, the Buddhist term used to describe the mind’s desire to swing seemingly randomly from branch to branch. Gemini can be a contradictory sign, so again, don’t be tempted to do too much. Instead enjoy this time to learn one idea at a time, and find time to play in the sun with friends and family. The lighter days gives us more hours to play with, but Gemini is speedy, and often the appearance of the sun can also seem all too fleeting, so make the most of the time you have, be prepared to change plans and be flexibile, and above all, have fun.

New Moon Intentions

Donald Trump is a Gemini, and his agile, often inconsistent, use of Twitter is certainly a Gemini trait! His public persona creates a divisive split amongst the media and the public, representative of the dual and often contrary nature of the Gemini (used drawn as twins).

Helena Bonham-Carter is just one of many actors who is a Gemini, and it makes sense that the Gemini could take on another’s persona with ease. You can use this new moon to embrace all aspects of your being, to enjoy play and learning, to socialise and move. Whilst it’s usually a good idea to use the new moon energy to rest, you may find that this month resting involves spending time with friends and family, perhaps outdoors. Keep yourself grounded and steady, and let yourself have fun, enjoying the lead up to the summer solstice and the prolonged exposure of light.