New moon in Cancer: Solar eclipse

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, making it a very powerful place to begin and end this cycle. Although the sign of Cancer is associated with nurturing, emotion, sensitivity and a fondness for home life, this particular new moon is accompanied with a total solar eclipse, where the moon will cross the path of the sun.

Eclipses are associated with unpredictability and shadow, so get ready for the type of upheaval and change that is associated spiritual growth! These times can feel really challenging when we resist them, so use the watery essence of Cancer to help you go with the flow. This is usually a time associated with a greater capacity to give and love, but the eclipse may prove unsettling, especially in areas relating to home life. It’s essential that you are being nurtured - don’t be afraid to put yourself first every now and again, and indulge in things of comfort, as well as taking care of those around you.

Symbolism of the moon

The moon is at home in the sign of Cancer, as it’s this placement that allows the moon to fully embrace the full capacity of emotional feeling. The moon is referred to as feminine, as opposed to the sun’s masculine. The terms feminine and masculine are not the same as the gender definitions of female and male but rather refer to qualities that make up the earth, and ourselves. In this case we can link the cycle of the moon with the menstrual cycle (approximately 28-29 days, a sense of ebbing and rising, like the tides, and like the flow from ovulation to menstruation), but certainly feminine qualities can be found in all human beings. As we come into new moon at 7.17pm tonight (2nd July 2019), let yourself sit back, relax and feel taken care of. Treat yourself to the little luxuries of life, and appreciate your surroundings, both indoors and out.

About cancer mode and element

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and is symbolised by the crab (which is the Latin meaning of the word cancer). Crabs don’t move in a linear fashion, often moving sideways in their endeavours. They are also reported to prefer to have one of their claws cut off rather than let go of something they love! As someone blessed with three beloveds with both sun and moon in Cancer, I can report experiencing this!

Cancerians can be dearly affectionate, caring, and nurturing. They also love to be taken care of, and can risk falling into the needy category if not careful. Their immense sensitivity is a gift to be handled, and can be mistaken for moodiness. The need for comfort and safety cannot be diminished when dealing with anyone with a strong Cancerian influence in their chart - cups of tea, blankets, and listening ears are essential tools.

As a water sign, Cancerians are like the sea - expansive and deep. This expansiveness is protected by a hard shell, protecting what is dear, and armouring against the world. This why at this solar eclipse may feel challenging for some - depending on your exact personal planet placements (these can be found by booking a natal astrology reading) some of us will feel this eclipse more strongly than others.