New Moon in Leo: Creative Leadership

The bright and beautiful sign of Leo is ruled by the sun, and those with a strong Leo emphasis in their chart can often come across as brimming with confidence, positivity and strength. This new moon sees us move away from the eclipses which filled July 2019, and what a better time to embrace the playfulness and warmth of Leo’s fiery energy.

Leo is a sign with great potential to bring leadership into the world. In the UK we have seen a new prime minister stepping into power, bringing with him both concern and hope, depending on which side of the Brexit fence you sit on. Leadership can easily fall into tyranny and abuse of power, but there is no doubt about the very real need for strong, sensitive and compassionate leadership in the world right now. 

Symbolism of the moon

Ruled by the sun, Leo is less comfortable in the shadowy, watery qualities of the moon. The moon moves in cycles, showing itself in different degrees in the dark of night whereas the sun shines brightly at consistent times of day, and it is usually this bright and extrovert display that Leo prefers. However the sun does stay in the sign of Leo until the 24th August, whereas the moon stays here for just a couple of days, so make some time to embrace the reflective and restful respite that the new moon offers before diving back into the spotlight.

Intuitive and inner light

Leo is a fire sign, meaning it is intuitive, expressive and lively. Fire brings light into the shadow, making it a great sign for exploring all layers of consciousness - but uncontrolled, fire can be dangerous especially when allowed to reign out of control. We can see evidence of the shadow side of Leo leadership when we end up with world leaders consumed by their own sense of ego and driven purely by their desire for power.

Leo can be the star of the show, centre stage and loving it! When in the spotlight, appearance really matters to Leos, and so this could be a great time to spruce up your wardrobe or try a new hair style. Although sense of physical appearance does matter to Leos, beneath the surface they can have extraordinarily big hearts. They can make wonderful friends, loyal and loving, as well as being great fun to be around. 

Leo is the most consistent of fire signs, and when cultivated with self awareness, can possess a very attractive and real sense of self confidence. This confidence can only really be achieved when one has explored the spiritual nature of their own being, so practices like yoga and meditation can be very beneficial for grounding the fire energy and helping it to illuminate the path for others, as well as for their own personal gain.

Intuition cannot always be explained or justified in rational terms. It can be hard to convince others of your inner reasons for why you just feel the need to do something, but certainly when combined with intelligence (air) and common sense (earth), can be a powerful resource.

New Moon Intentions

Barack Obama is a Leo, with Trump being a Leo rising. A quick google showed me that many young social media stars (of whom I have never heard of!) are Leos, which makes perfect sense given the tendency towards individualism, confidence and desire to be looked upon. Actor Daniel Radcliffe and pop star Madonna are both Leos, as is Meghan Markle. All are comfortable in the spotlight, an essential trait for any celebrity. 

Remember that although Leo shines brightly with others, this is also time for introspection and reflection, qualities less celebrated in Western culture and perhaps less attractive for fire signs. Getting in touch with your intuition and guidance could come through walks in nature, creative journalling, or speaking freely with friends who are able just to listen and not necessarily help (unless you need that, of course). If you’ve been lacking in confidence, consider how to bring this more into your life this month - and having fun will definitely help!