New moon in Libra: Harmony and connection

The first new moon of autumn is a supermoon, meaning that the moon is closer to the earth than usual. Whilst we may not be able to see the moon at this time, its powers of introspection, reflection and need for downtime may be stronger than ever, especially as this moon comes shortly after Autumn equinox, the time when the energies and elements start to shift away from the bright energy of summer and towards the darker energy of winter. Spirituality speaking this shows a move away from balance (the consistent energy of the sun) to ‘oneness’ (the merging of everything into the dark) and so this is the perfect time to press pause and prepare yourself for moving into the wintery months. 

Symbolism of the moon

This supermoon greets us in Libra, the harmonious and fair minded air sign. Whilst the moon is symbolic with our emotional and instinctive selves, Libra as an air sign tends towards reason, thought and intellect. This offers us the ability to seek a broader perspective on our lives and our relationships, and review things from all angles with diplomacy and cooperation, hence it’s representation by the scales, one of the few non-animal based zodiac signs. 

Discovery and understanding

The image of the scales indicates the desire of Libras to be fair and harmonious. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, there is a refinement about Libra, a quality of style that can be found from their appearance to their good manners. Libra is a sociable and friendly sign, and their natural curiosity makes them open to people from all different walks of life and with different points of view. 

Libra is a sign of relationships, and for this sign meaning and understanding often comes through working, communicating and interacting with others. An existing relationship may be expanded with sensuality and joy, or you may feel the draw to start a fun and exciting new partnership be that for work or pleasure. This is about finding meaning through consideration of the ‘other’, and this can also be explored through spiritual practice, searching for a connection with something bigger than what meets the eye. Yoga is a wonderful embodied way to begin to explore spirituality with exercises designed to create more space and consciousness in the body and the breath - check my website to see what offerings I have coming up this season.

This is a great time to pause, take a step back, and consider any aspect of your life that you are dissatisfied with. Whether that’s within the way you work, the quality of your relationships, or simply how you feel you are expressing yourself in the world, the Libra energy will help you be cool and calm as you assess what works, what doesn’t, and consider all the options available to you. 

New Moon Intentions

Will Smith is a Libra, and has built a successful career on his likeable persona, as well as being in one of Hollywood’s long lasting marriages. The late Carrie Fisher was also a Libra, and had a diverse career as an actress, writer, and comedian as well as supporting many charitable causes.

 Whether your ‘other’ is a family member, lover, friend, work colleague or someone entirely different, use this quiet time of the new moon to pause and reflect on whether you are both giving and receiving as you would like, and if not, why not? The air quality of Libra gives you the chance to think and understand whilst the moon energy is always calling to our emotional selves - use this time to both think and feel your way around any partnership or relationship that isn’t quite working.