Let go of your pride this full moon


Pride can come from low self-esteem, when we are too proud (or scared) to ask for help, and instead choose to suffer and struggle instead. Pride can be confused with confidence, but true confidence is distinguished by relaxation. When we move closer to truly understanding ourselves - our patterns, weaknesses, strengths and habits - then we move towards really knowing ourselves, and who we are. It is this knowing that helps us understand what actions we may need to become more balanced, more even, and more confident in action taking.

We must believe in ourselves, even when we are full of self doubt and worry. The more that we understand we are not defined by our image or wealth or knowledge, and learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are, regardless of our perceived weaknesses, the closer we move to real confidence. 

As this week's full moon is in Leo, it could be a really good time to consider if your pride is holding you back. Ask yourself:

-have I been too hard on myself or others?

-do I have any 'prima donna' tendencies?

-am I too over-powering or dominant? Do I let other people have their say? 

We have just come from the earthy energy of the new moon in Capricorn, full of shoulds. The fire energy of Leo is that of the inner child, and is warm, creative and noble. This month it allows us to break free from the tyranny of Capricorn, so use it to its full potential. See my previous blog on how to have a full moon ritual here, and use the questions above to consider any traits you want to let go off to move into the next lunar cycle.