The How To Guide for busy people: have a full moon ritual

The full moon is a time of completion. The seeds and ideas we planted at the new moon have been able to come to fruition (if we have remained focused and conscious of them!) and the full moon now represents the bright illumination of that. Most of us however are probably living a life quite disconnected from the cycles of the moon, and may not feel that the moon represents anything in their life. Equally, others may feel that their seeds planted at new moon have not come to fruition, and may be feeling lost and confused.

This is a short and simple guide to a full moon ritual that will help you connect more with the beautiful cyclical nature of the lunar energy.

1. Create some space. In your diary, and in your home. Just a quick tidy up will do, just enough so you feel relaxed in your environment. In an ideal world we'd all be out under the full moon - if you can do that great, if not, don't worry about it. 

2. Buy some fresh flowers, light a candle or some incense. Honour the space that you are in. If you're lucky enough to have a garden with a fire pit, now is the time to get that thing going!

3.  Have some paper and a pen to hand. If you use crystals or tarot, have those nearby too.

4. Begin with meditation. Sit quietly, let your busy mind calm down after the day's events. If you're new to meditation, start with just ten minutes. Set a timer (if you're using your phone make sure it's on flight mode), sit comfortably, and focus on each breath. 

5. After meditating, open your eyes. Get your journal and pen, and begin to write or draw all of the things that have held you back. It could be behaviours, thoughts or habits, and could be just the last two weeks (since the new moon), or longer. Be as expressive as you like, don't stop to think and analyse, just write. Get it all out and down onto paper, and then burn it. If you are indoors, burn your paper over the kitchen sink, and make sure all the embers are out. You can tear up the paper instead, but fire is the element of purification and transformation, so I prefer to burn mine. As you burn your paper, breathe deeply, and say 'I release this from my life. And so it is!' 

6. Once the paper has been burnt/torn up, celebrate! Dancing under the full moon in a field is the best way, but if most of the time you're in a flat in the city (like me), then dancing in your lounge is OK too! Basically welcome joy into your life, let yourself believe that changes are already happening for you. You may also like to celebrate with a small square of raw chocolate or cup of herbal tea- remember this is a purification ritual, so perhaps avoid the wine for tonight! You may like to take an Epsom salt bath or a shower with some essential oils. 

7. End your ritual with a small prayer of gratitude - this can be spoken, written or said silently, but allow yourself to feel the gratitude in your heart, and then know the ritual is done.

This ritual can be as short or as long as you like. It is really about your intention - your recognition and respect of the cycles that we are part of and your conscious awareness that you are able to work with these cycles rather than fight against them.

This is a guide based on what works for me (especially if I've been teaching late and don't have much time in the evenings), but I would love to hear what you get up on to on the wild full moon!