The moon is moving into Leo, itself a fiery, determined and go-getting sign, so it's not that surprising that I found myself back in a Mysore class. 

Mysore is a form of Ashtanga Yoga, known for its physical endeavour and discipline. Seeing as Leo represents an energetic, can-do and positive attitude, it was a good time to return to something that I hadn't practiced for a long time. What I love about Ashtanga, when I do get on the mat, is how much clarity it gives me in mind. I am able to see so clearly the almost automatic stream of thoughts which cascade through my brain - the comparison, the criticism, the defeatism. Whilst my body is certainly challenged, I find the real challenge is being able to face up to myself, to those thoughts, and to practice anyway.

The moon in Leo also represents leadership, and although I found myself in a self-led practice, I have been reminded of the importance and humility of accepting help. I realised that my pride in doing things on my own only held me back, and that by asking for help - be that with a yoga modification or in my personal life - I was actually opening up for more love into my life. We all like to help one another, to give, but so many of us struggle to receive. 

During this dark and contemplative new moon, why not reflect on your attitudes towards asking for help? Do you resist? What are the beliefs behind this? And if you are always asking for help, why? How would you feel about tackling something a little bigger than you're used to on your own?

As always, there are no right and wrong answers, just a journey into self-inquiry and reflection. Let me know what you uncover.