To those who dare

I just got back from an incredible week on the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland. This poem was written there, after sticking my head over a 300foot sheer cliff-face drop! 

To those who dare

To those who dare

To spread their wings

And fly a little higher,


To those who jump

In rivers and streams

And stand gazing at the fire.


To those who scatter stones and sticks

And leave marks where they tread,


To those who aren't afraid to live,

And know that they're not dead.


To those whose hearts soar and sing,

To those who rest and play


To those who find their work in love

And find joy in everyday.


To those who shout and laugh and cry,

And smile hello, and smile goodbye


To those of earth, water

Fire and air,

This is for the ones that dare.