Courage: a poem

A little poem dedicated to all of the collective courage we share and experience, day in, and day out.

Don't believe that we're courageous?

We have flown above the clouds

To lands once untravelled,

To strange and wonderful grounds.

We have dived beneath the oceans

With fishes bright and true,

We have jumped out of an aeroplane

(And yes that one is true)

We have flown through the air

Attached to a piece of string.

We have given up our homes

Our land, our everything.

We have worked in wonderful places

with people inspiring too,

We have overcome the odds,

We have opened up to you.

We have stretched and moved and breathed,

We have run further than we knew,

We have sat in utter stillness

And found a peace so quiet and true.

We have tested our beliefs

Our courage many times,

Never ever more

Than when we have to say goodbye

To all we thought we were,

Our stories and our grief,

To leave us free to wander

Through mystical towns and streets.

To wander by the river

To wander by the flowers

And always find our courage

In being present

Every hour.