Yoga for Healing

Experience a deeply healing approach to yoga in a safe space that’s just for you. 

Whether you’re affected by stress, anxiety, low evergy or menstrual health problems, I will guide you through a tailored programme of yoga practices to help heal your symptoms and restore your energy. 

You’ll learn to relax at the deepest level. Then, from this state of complete release, you’ll explore how to move beyond the beliefs and behaviour patterns that may be holding you back from healing.

Discover your path to recovery with a personalised course of yoga nidra and restorative yoga. These are research-backed practices, proven to bring relief from PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Start your healing journey – book a one-to-one session. 


Find deep and nourishing rest

Mel will draw from her experience in the following types of Yoga to create a bespoke one to one session for you.


Restorative Yoga

In restorative yoga, we use soothing ‘asana’ (postures) in which the body is fully supported by props like yoga bolsters and blankets. Many of the poses are performed lying still.

This means that rather than having to make an effort, you can sink into the postures to release tension and achieve deep relaxation.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a guided meditation practice that’s simple yet often profoundly beneficial. Unlike other meditation, there’s no effort needed – you can’t get it wrong!

‘Nidra’ translates as ‘sleep’. When you practice yoga nidra, it puts your body into a state of deep sleep, while your mind stays awake and alert. In this ‘hypnagogic state’ you can begin to explore thoughts and emotions which might previously have felt overwhelming.


Well Woman Yoga

This is a form of yoga practice designed to support women through all phases of their lives, from menarche, the menstruating years, pregnancy, post-natal and menopause. Combining aspects of restorative yoga and yoga nidra along with a focus of bringing more energy and awareness into the womb space, this practice can be both healing and empowering.

What will I get from one-to-one yoga?
You will receive:

  • A bespoke, deeply healing course of yoga – designed to help you overcome the challenges you face

  • Your own personal yoga nidra mp3 recordings, so that you can continue your healing journey in between sessions, at home.

  • Additional email support from me, in between sessions, as and when you need it

What does a one-to-one session look like?

In your first session, we’ll do the groundwork to create an effective programme of treatment. I’ll be a caring, listening ear while you talk me through your challenges and aims. Once I understand the difficulties you’re facing, I’ll be able to design the best treatment programme for your needs using a combination of restorative yoga and yoga nidra (relaxed meditation practice). Read more about these types of yoga below.

What is restorative yoga?
Restorative yoga helps to to release muscular tension, particularly in areas like the hamstrings, jaw, lower back, shoulders, diaphragm, psoas and abdomen. This creates space for the breath, which takes the body out of ‘flight or fight mode’. This makes restorative yoga incredibly beneficial for the nervous system, helping to combat stress, and improve digestion and immunity.

Prices and Booking

All sessions take place in Hanham, Bristol. Full details will be sent to you once you have booked.

You can purchase single sessions. Use the links below to book.

New clients - 75 mins - £55

Existing clients - 60 mins - £45

Alternatively you can purchase multiple sessions and recieve a discount. These packages are available for new and existing clients. All sessions must be booked within 6 months of the purchase date.

x3 60min yoga - £120 (£40 per session)

x6 60min Yoga - £210 (£30 per session)

Yoga with Astrology

I would highly recommend an Astrology reading before coming to your yoga session. Bringing the insights of an Astrology reading into your one to one sessions can give me a much clearer idea of what practices might be best suited to you. Find out more about Astrology Readings

These are available for new and existing clients. Use the links below to book

x1 60min Astrology & 60min Yoga - £80

x1 60min Astrology & x3 60min Yoga - £155

x1 60min Astrology & x6 60min Yoga - £245

Low Cost Wednesdays

On the first Wednesday of every month I offer a low cost day for those who cannot afford to pay for a full price treatment.

Use the links below to book. Please remember to bring cash or card with you to pay after your session.

NEW CLIENTS - 75min Yoga - between - £35 - £45

EXISTING CLIENTS - 60min yoga - between - £25 - £35

You have taught me to have the faith to question things and take what I need from all sorts of different areas...I love working with you because I see you doing the work yourself. I see you striving for more and applying your teachings to your own life and it inspires me all the time.
— Kim