Yoga for Anxiety 

Restorative Yoga, Sunday 10th december, 2.15 - 5.15pm, Bristol City Yoga

Constant feelings of worry and fear, not feeling safe, not recognising when things are going well for us – these are just a few signs that we may be suffering from anxiety. It is too easy living in today’s stressful and unsettled times to accept these feelings as ‘normal’, but in this Restorative Afternoon Mel will help you discover a deep feeling of calm and ease which is always present, no matter what the external circumstances.

In this workshop we will:

  • Feel calm and focused through holding supine yoga asana (postures) designed to release muscular tension and increase sensation
  • Explore how to use yoga props to support the body so we can enjoy invigorating backbends
  • Use simple breath awareness techniques to discover habitual breathing patterns, and learn how to slowly release and undo these
  • Experience the yoga nidra technique of body scanning, designed to deeply relax the entire body, focusing on commonly held areas of tension
  • Chakra healing meditation to help us feel whole, well and deeply connected to ourselves and then world around us

We will close the workshop with delicious homemade raw chocolates, to help us feel grounded, refreshed and feel ready to move back into the world around us with a renewed state of freedom and peace.

Price: £30 plus VAT

“Mel is a fantastic restorative teacher and has great perception as well as a good knowledge base.”
— Lynn