A workshop with Mel will give you the chance to experience deep and healing relaxation for mind, body and soul. Mel creates a nourishing, warm and supportive space to enable you to find the courage, wisdom and love that already lies within you. Don't miss your opportunity to discover the healing heart of yoga with a teacher who is genuinely passionate about restorative yoga, yoga nidra and yoga for women's physical and spiritual health. Workshops in Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.


restorative evenings, bristol city yoga

Join Mel's special Restorative Evenings and leave the stresses and strain of your week behind.


restorative afternoon: For the chakras

bristol City Yoga, Sunday 24th June

The body is affected by our thoughts and emotions, which can create blockages and stagnation of energy. 

SHakti Yoga: Inner summer 

WIld Wolfs Yoga, Bristol

saturday 7th july, 2pm - 5pm

Maximise the super powers of ovulation for you full creative potential. 



Restorative AFternoon: Healthy BAcks

sunday 12th August, 2.15pm - 5.15pm

Explore why your thoughts may be contributing to your back pain, and release muscular tension through deep relaxation.


restorative afternoon: Anxiety

bristol city yoga, Sunday 22nd July

Anxiety is on the rise - discover the tools you need to calm body, mind and breath.


yoga for emotional health: standing strong against anxiety

yogasara, bristol

saturday 8th sept, 2pm - 4pm

In this workshop, we will explore yoga as a tool of relaxation by exploring postures which help to steady the mind and calm the mind.


restorative afternoon: yoga for stress relief

Tramshed, Cardiff

sunday 7th october 1PM - 4pm

Chronic stress can weaken our immune system, causing anxiety, insomnia, hormonal problems and a general lack of lust for life. Discover restorative yoga to calm down, breathe deeply, and feel better.


SHakti Yoga: Inner autumn 

WIld Wolfs Yoga, Bristol

saturday 20th october, 2pm - 5pm

Discover the creative power of the pre-menstrual phase. and unlease your Pre-Menstrual Strength!


SHakti Yoga: Inner WInter

WIld Wolfs Yoga, Bristol

saturday 1st dec, 2pm - 5pm

Delve deep into the stillness and solitude of the inner winter in this women's only workshop.

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“Mel’s Restorative Yoga workshop was exactly what I needed. Relaxing and opening, Mel delivered it in a lovely way with delicate humour. And the chocolate was divine!”
— Nicola