Experience deep and healing relaxation for mind, body and soul. I create a nourishing, warm and supportive space to enable you to find the courage, wisdom and love that already lies within you. Don't miss your opportunity to discover the healing heart of yoga with a teacher who is genuinely passionate about restorative yoga, yoga nidra and yoga for women's physical and spiritual health.

New Year Retreat Day

Sunday 30th December, 10am - 3.30pm, Bristol City Yoga

Prepare to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in 2019 with steadiness and ease in the body, relaxation for the mind, and clear intentions for the year ahead.

Next workshop: Sunday 30th December

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Restorative Evenings

Friday, monthly, 6-8pm, Bristol City Yoga

Join me for this monthly gathering and end the week by reducing adrenaline, restoring the breath, and returning to a state of calm and relaxation, ready for the weekend ahead.

Next workshop: Friday 7th December

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Restorative Afternoons

Sunday, monthly, 2.15pm - 5.15pm, Bristol City Yoga

Each month we explore a different theme, using specific postures and sequences designed to reduce stress and anxiety and open up our awareness to the subtle body and breath. With poetry and handmade raw chocolate truffles, discover a real type of self-care.

Next workshop: Sunday 16th December

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Breathe in, Breathe Out

Sunday 18th November, 1.45pm - 4.45pm, Yoga on the Square

There is a way we can improve the quality of life which is completely free, readily available, and easily accessible at any given moment - our breath. However, many of us are caught up in ‘unnatural’ breath patterns, which can create tension in the body, increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and leave us feeling depleted, weak and low. This workshop is for anyone interested in truly understanding the full potential that is held in each breath, including experienced yoga practitioners and total beginners.

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Shakti Yoga

Saturday, seasonal workshops,2 - 5pm, Wild Wolfs Yoga

These workshops are a celebration of Shakti - the creative force which can awaken through a joyful and heart-felt yoga practice designed for women's wellbeing. These workshops will explain how and why charting your menstrual cycle is a tool to manage your work, support your relationships,work with your energy levels and boost creativity.

Next workshops:

Inner Winter, Saturday 1st December - click here for details


Emotional Health

One off workshops, 2 - 4pm, Yogasara

.We will combine yoga postures with yoga philosophy to help us understand anxiety and depression as sensation and feedback. The more we can build our awareness of our body sensations, of the movement of the breath, and the thoughts and emotions that arise and fall, the more we build our inner resilience and emotional strength. This becomes our inner resource to get us through the darkest days

Next workshop: None planned at present


Yoga Nidra

Every term, 2 hours, Bristol Folk House

Move more deeply towards stillness and meditation in these workshops which will explore in-depth the lineage and history of yoga nidra, as well as offering three yoga nidras from each lineage.

Next workshop: Saturday 3rd November FULL

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Home Practice

Termly, 3 hours, Bristol Folk House

Discover how to develop a yoga sequence that you can practice by yourself at home. In this workshop Mel will explain the basic principles behind a yoga routine, and the benefits of different postures.

Next workshop: None planned at present


Womb Song and Deep Rest

Celebrate the high priestess as new moon enters Virgo, and join me and Sasha Delaney for a healing afternoon of yoga nidra and song - for everyone, no experience or ability needed

Next workshop: None planned at present

Mel’s workshops and retreat have had a huge impact on helping me to manage my chronic fatigue syndrome in a way that nothing else has. I can highly recommend both, to those just wishing to treat themselves to some high quality R&R and for those managing stress or chronic illness.
— Helena