Womb Song and Deep Rest

 Sunday 9th September 2018, 2 - 5pm

St Werbughs Community Centre,  Horley Road, Bristol BS2 9TJ


Tuning into the wisdom of our bodies and the sounds of our soul this new moon

On September’s new moon, myself and good friend and fellow teacher Tierra will guide you to tune into the wisdom of your body and the sound of our soul. Our afternoon together will include gentle Shakti yoga, sacred singing and nourishing yoga nidra. Our bodies move in synch with the moon and so we equally follow the urge to rest deeply during her dark phase. She will be in the sign of Virgo which encourages us to focus in on our health and well-being, the choices we make and our abilities of discernment. It is also an opportunity to acquire or improve skills and to introduce more regularity and repetition into your everyday life whilst dropping the perfectionism. With Virgo being an Earth sign we will learn some easy songs in honour of Mother Earth and the cycles of life. Singing is a powerful way to let go of your mind chatter, connect to yourself and to share the joy of healing vibrations with others. Whether or not you consider yourself a singer this is open to everyone who has a voice and a desire to express themselves musically. At the end of our gathering we will offer a mini ritual - we'd love for you to join us.

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