Choosing the right retreat for you

Why go on retreat?

Going on a yoga retreat is the perfect way to give yourself a gift that will truly nourish you. Having time and space away from your daily chores and responsibilities mean you can really absorb the benefits of regular yoga practice. My retreats are for everyone - the yoga is made accessible to all regardless of age, experience or ability. My training in well-woman yoga therapy and pregnancy yoga allow me to to adapt practices for women according to their cycle, be they menstruating, pregnant or menopausal. Group sizes are small, and food is plentiful, meaning you will get plenty of my time and attention as well as being well nourished by nutritious, often organic, and home cooked food. 

How to choose the right retreat for you

On a budget? I recommend my retreat at Eastdown on Dartmoor, where I aim to keep the price as low as I can to make this truly accessible. The next is April 2019, read more here

Looking for luxury? Why not escape to the Isle of Man, where you will have a luxurious room and bathroom, access to a 5* spa, and be truly well looked after by the attentive team.  Equally, my West Wales retreat offers luxury and comfort just a stone's throw from the beach - read more.

Wanting something just for women? I have been longing to hold a women-only retreat - please email me if this is something you are interested in. 

Looking for something close to Bristol? My retreats at Hawkwood College are just 45minutes drive from Bristol. Located just outside of Stroud yet nestled in woodlands, this is both convenient and tranquil. I have a retreat here in September 2019 and the new year 2020.

Want an island getaway (with part of the flight included in the price)? Then the Isle of Man retreat is for you. Brightlife, our hosts, will pay up to £100 towards your flight, meaning if you book early, you could have your flight covered. Read more.

Want to book a massage whilst you're there? Thee will be a qualified massage therapist at the Eastdown retreat on Dartmoor for an additional fee - find out more. You can also book a spa treatment at Brightlife on the Isle of Man, although you are advised to book that in advance as they get fully booked very quickly there. Find out more

Want to be able to eat meat? Most of my retreats are vegetarian and vegan, but if you can't live without meat, then you'll be pleased to know that Hawkwood College offer meat options, which is locally sourced and organic. I have a retreat here in September 2019 and the new year 2020..

My first retreat so not sure what to expect but was extremely pleased and will be doing it again
— Julie