Choosing the right therapy for you

Why have a one-to-one session?

Sometimes we need someone to be devoted just to us. A one-to-one session offers you just that - the chance to receive what you need in that moment.

Whether we want to explore a kind of yoga which is deeply healing, holistic and relaxing, or we want to receive reflexology to re-balance the whole system - a one-to-one offers us the chance to connect with our innermost needs.

My work with clients usually involves some level of self-inquiry on your part. This means I will show you techniques and practices designed to help you become more aware of your changing moods and feelings, and learn how to respond to them, rather than react. This gives us an emotional resilience as well as strength, and can help us overcome even the most insurmountable difficulties. Read Kim’s story here for further inspiration of how transformation really is possible with time, will and perseverance.

If you are having ongoing sessions with me, you will also receive additional email support from me, in between sessions, as and when you need it.

How to choose the right therapy for you

I recommend you contact me to discuss your needs. Healing is very personal, and what suits one person may not suit another. It is possible for me to combine aspects of reflexology and astrology with my yoga sessions, although this usually only happens with regular clients as we journey deeper towards their healing.

I recommend you read on to discover all that I offer:

Mel is an exceptional person, and people warm to her instantly. Humble, full of compassion and excellent teacher!
— Linda