Rest and Restore

  Saturday 19th october 2019, 10am - 1pm

Alma Vale Centre, 30 Alma Vale Rd, Bristol BS8 2HY


Discover the self-care tools of restorative yoga with yoga nidra. When combined, these two forms of yoga practice offer the opportunity to find deep and nourishing rest. By reducing physical tension in the body, creating space for the breath and slowing ourselves down, we are able to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and leave feeling truly restored.

This workshop will quietly re-energise and soothe your nervous system, boost immunity and calm your mind. This does not require any muscular strength or flexibility - rather we create emotional strength and resilience to support you with whatever life has to throw at you.

Throughout the three hours we will focus on realising tension in order to create space for the breath, focusing on area like the hamstrings, chest, lower back and pelvis. Our emotions are deeply connected to our breath, and so when we are able to breathe fully and deeply we are able to calm down our whole system. This takes us out of ‘fight, flight and freeze’ mode and into ‘rest and digest’. By reducing stress in this way, we create feelings of safety in the body, which helps reduce anxiety and worry in the mind.

Although gentle for the body, these practices are incredibly effective. All are welcome.

Dates of future workshops


Saturday 19th October, 10am - 1pm

Saturday16th November, 10am - 1pm

Saturday 14th December, 10am - 1pm


Saturday 11th January, 10am - 1pm

£30 per workshop


Please see here for full terms and conditions. Full details of how to find the Alma Vale centre including car parking information can be found here.

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