Leap, and the net will appear
— Zen saying

"Those were the words I looked at when I finally made the decision to committ myself fully to yoga. My 'dream job' was not so dreamy, I had moved cities and felt lost, my relationship with the man I thought I would marry had ended, and I was spending more and more of my time at work.

I often looked back at the woman I had been in my early 20s, when I had travelled the world, opening my eyes to beauty and adventure. From learning to scuba dive in unbelievably beautiful oceans in Western Australia, to getting my hands dirty (and my skin eaten by mosquitoes!) building schools on a tsunami damaged part of Thailand, I finally learnt what it meant to breathe.  

But, like many of us, I got caught up with money worries, career goals, and it was a few years before I remembered the power of the breath.

Yoga changed my life. Yoga made me cry, made me smile, made me move in ways I didn't think I could, and to find stillness like I never had before. Most of all, yoga started to reveal the traumas in my body that went way beyond leaving my job. As a child I had experienced a lot of loss - my mother and my father before I was two, and then my grandparents and my home before I was 18. Money struggles and unresolved grief caused my body to tighten up, become tense, but I assumed that this was 'just how life was'.

Yoga changed everything. Yoga took me out of survival mode and into thriving. Yoga has become, quite simply, my life. So much more than making shapes on a mat, yoga can become - if we allow it - our guiding light, our instruction manual for our own heart, and our path to peace. Yoga can help us to heal from within, trusting in our own bodies, hearts and minds to guide us. Yoga is empowering because we trust ourselves more than external parties, and yoga is connective, because by connecting deeply to our own bodies, we begin to connect more deeply with the world around us. It's impossible to feel lonely when you have yoga.

Committed to developing my own knowledge and study, I am dedicated to my practise and study of yoga, and has trained with a number of teachers including Laura Gilmore, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, James Reeves, Rod Stryker, and Anna Ashby. My own, daily practise however has been my biggest teacher of all.