Menstrual coaching

More and more women are beginning to understand the significance that the menstrual cycle plays in our lives. For many women now, managing families, careers and busy lives, menstruation can be anything from an inconvenience to a bloody nightmare (pun intended!), and it may feel easier to rely on coffee, painkillers and a pushy attitude, but as our awareness of menstrual dis-eases from cramping to endometriosis increases, so does our realisation that there has to be another way.

Menstrual coaching is about helping you make the most of your life, to find fulfilment in your work, joy in your relationships, and to make peace with your body. You will uncover the various ways to chart your cycle, why to chart, how to exercise and eat in time with your cycle as well as understanding your swings in energy and mood. 

Know your flow


Menstrual coaching

One session will give you the chance to explore the 'four seasons' of the menstrual cycle, provide you with the tools to begin to chart your cycle, and offer you self-care tips to fit into your real life. This may be all you need to get going, although to may like to book a special 'four seasons' package where you will receive a free consultation with me during each phase of your cycle.

Pricing and booking

Contact me to discuss when you'd like your session. All sessions take place in Hanham, Bristol, although it is also possible to 'meet' over the phone or Skype. Please allow time for your appointment, as sessions may over-run.

First consultation lasts between 75min - 120mins: £60

Subsequent sessions, last between 60mins - 75mins: £45

SPECIAL OFFER: The 'four seasons' package: 4 consultations with me* - £160

*These sessions can all be conducted over the phone or face-to-face. If face-to-face, I may suggest reflexology and/or healing yoga inclusive of the package. 

Make a booking

Contact me or phone 07786 787 593 to make a booking or with any questions you might have

Low cost Wednesdays

On the first Wednesday of every month I offer a low cost day for those who cannot afford to pay the full price. Pay between £25 - £35 for a 60min session - bookings must be made in advance. The dates for this are listed below, sessions offered between 10am - 7pm:

  • 4th September

  • 2nd October

  • 6th November

  • 4th December

Thank you for sharing your awesome wisdom, along with your humour. Thank you for encouraging us all to be vulnerable and to be feminine, which as women we’ve been taught so much to suppress and disengage. Thank you for removing my guilt around letting my body rest and for offering us all a hand when we feel like we’re sinking. Thank you for your guidance in my everyday life - I feel like you have helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed.
— Rohr-Junne