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Well-being from Within

Next start date: Friday 28th October 2019, new moon

Are you ready to discover a new, radical approach to wellbeing and discover how the menstrual cycle can help you not only improve your physical health, but also improve every other aspect of your life as well? Are you already super busy and need simple, easy to digest and relevant advice, in a way that fits your diary? Then this four-week online immersion could be for you.

This is for busy women who are looking for new tools to live a successful, happy and healthy life. Rest assured this isn’t another thing to add to your already full to-do list! This is designed to make it EASY for you to unlock the secret code of your body.

I know it’s not always easy to make it to a yoga class or a women’s circle, so by using Facebook and email, I have designed this course so that you can check in and connect as and when you want. There are no deadlines, there’s no homework (although like with anything you get out what you put in), and there are most definitely no 4am starts, no diets or exercise regimes, and no time-consuming activities.

You won’t be asked to practice yoga everyday, give up chocolate or wine, or dance naked under the moon (unless you want to) - the only thing you really need to do is start charting your cycle - and your two free Menstrual Coaching calls with me will help make that as easy and simple as you need it to be.

Whether you are oblivious to your periods, you hate your period, if your experience pain, irregularity or inconvenience, or even if your periods are as regular as clockwork, deepening our awareness of our menstrual cycle can be the start of understanding your body, mind and emotions in a way totally unique to you. This course could be the beginning of your journey towards greater self-acceptance as you learn to marvel at the wonders of your cyclical nature, and understand why working with your cycle, rather than against it, could be the start towards you achieving your goals and ambitions on your terms. 

Menstrual Medicine for the Modern Woman

Thank you for the course. As you know I have loved ‘connecting’ with my cycle. I really can’t believe that until this point in my life, the only thoughts I’ve given to my periods are either that I’m bleeding, or worrying that I haven’t bled for a long time. I feel that the course and your emails are helping me to gradually think a little differently about the menstrual cycle, self care and life in general and I’m really loving what I’m discovering so thank you.
— Minnie

We live in a time when healing is crucial, for our bodies and our planet. During this course you will learn more about the environmental impact of the modern ‘sanitary’ industry, and discover other options available which won’t break the bank, your body or the planet - you’ll even get a 10% discount from the online ethical company, Honour Your Flow. I will sahre the pros and cons of various contraceptives, and use scientifically backed up data to help you make an informed, healthy choice to manage your fertility.

Not only that but we will have nutritional and herbal guidance from trained nutritional therapist and herbalist, Polly Thornhill, plus deeply relaxing yoga practices you can do at home with ease. Menstrual charting will be made easy with paper templates and an overview of apps, and you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where I will share daily tips and inspiration, as well as creating a forum for sharing, discussion and learning. Plus you will receive two consultation phone calls with me during the duration of the course, to offer you bespoke menstrual coaching and support on this journey.

This is the blueprint (or should we say red print?) to the wonderful workings of your body that will give you the insight you need to know when to start the health kick and when to eat the cake, when to hit the gym and when to hit snooze, when to get your party dress on and when to stay at home with a blanket and a good book. More than this, this is the beginning of seeing yourself as more than just a body that needs shaping up or slimming down - this is the beginning of increasing your understanding of just how miraculous your body is. Understanding your body in this way allows you to understand your entire being - physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual - more deeply and fully than any self-help book or yoga class could ever do. Join me. 

What you receive

You will receive a free yoga nidra recording for each season of your cycle, designed to deeply calm the body and relax the mind, as well as discovering simple yoga postures to practice at home (no expensive equipment or leggings required!). As well as this you will receive:

  • A special package in the post to nourish your whole being throughout your cycle, including chocolates, an eye pillow and more

  • Two 30min Menstrual Coaching phone calls with me throughout the course for personalised advice and guidance

  • A free menstrual charting template and information on the various online apps out there

  • Access to a private Facebook group for group support along with daily top tips and advice

  • 5 e-handouts including:

    • Advice on herbs to use throughout the cycle

    • Nutritional advice

    • Exercise/ yoga practice advice for those women bleeding, ovulating, trying to conceive, post natal or any stage of menopause

    • Tips on how to maximise your cycle for work/ love/ creativity/ health according to hormone levels

    • A recommended reading list to deepen your knowledge


  • A 10% discount code from Honor Your Flow, a small ethical company based in Cumbria making beautiful, sustainable and functional cloth pads

  • A 10% discount with Moon Time Chocolate, hand made organic artisan vegan chocolate truffles inspired by our cyclic nature as women (discount excludes subscriptions)

If you are:

  • Suffering with low self-esteem, negative emotions and lack of self belief

  • Fed up of being exhausted

  • Experiencing difficult relationships with your partner, loved ones or colleagues

  • Struggling with low libido, and a roller-coaster of mood and emotion

  • Craving a new approach to exercise, nutrition and wellbeing which supports your body

  • Want information that you can read in your own time

  • Would love to connect with other women more, but a busy diary makes it tough committing to a class

You will:

  • Understand the patterns in your seemingly unpredictable mood swings and energy levels

  • Receive nutritional and herbal advice to support you in each phase of the menstrual cycle

  • Learn how to plan, organise and live your life with greater awareness of your needs

  • Take a new approach to exercise, nutrition and wellbeing which REALLY nourishes the female body

  • Build a relationship with your body based on respect, understanding and love

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£85, payable before course start date

Each course starts on the new moon. Next course date: Friday 28th September 2019.


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