Intuitive Wisdom

Restorative Yoga, Sunday 19th november, 2.15 - 5.15pm, Bristol City Yoga

Join Mel for an afternoon of sheer bliss!

The practices of restorative yoga can soothe an over-worked nervous system, releasing stress and anxiety, leaving us open to receive the deeply healing and restful practice of yoga.

As well as restorative yoga postures we will indulge the senses with a homemade raw chocolate truffle and relax with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation translated loosely as ‘sleep of the yogi’.  This Restorative Afternoon will set us up to connect with our intuitive wisdom.

We know we are in our intuitive wisdom when we feel clear-headed, full of clarity, insight and understanding. Whenever we feel foggy, un-grounded, disconnected or confused, our intuition is being blocked, and we can end up feeling stuck, or perhaps we are darting from one thing to the next with no real direction or purpose.

By bringing complete ease to the physical body we can start to our connect to our intuitive wisdom.  When we allow the body to open and release, we are allowing a deeper sense of ease in the emotional and mental body.  This state of relaxation is essential for a meaningful meditation or yoga nidra practice, and through yoga nidrawe will explore ways to enter the ‘bliss body’ (the Anandamaya Kosha).

Please bring a journal or notebook and a pen with you to the workshop.

Price: £30 plus VAT


“Mel is a fantastic restorative teacher and has great perception as well as a good knowledge base.”
— Lynn