Yoga for Emotional Health - Finding Freedom From Depression 

Saturday 2nd june, 2 - 4pm, yogasara, picton street, bristol

Yoga is a practice that helps us to become whole by moving more closely into the present moment. The more we can build our awareness of our body sensations, of the movement of the breath, and the thoughts and emotions that arise and fall, the more we build our inner resilience and strength to get us through the darkest days. 

This workshop introduces yoga as a tool for our emotional health. When we feel depressed, the body can become heavy and lethargic, we may experience the same aches and pains in specific body parts, and our thoughts may begin to pull as down.

At these times it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to get out of bed, let alone practice yoga. Mel has experienced the shadow of depression in her life, and has experienced for herself how yoga can help one move through these shadows, and gradually lessen the grip depression can hold over one’s life.

In this workshop we will:

-Learn a therapeutic style sun salutations - moving very slowly, with emphasis on maintaining a steady flow of breath to increase the flow of prana, or life force, into the body

-Explore simple restorative yoga to open the heart space and allow love and compassion into the body

-Using breathing practices to create a sense of rhythm and balance within the body and mind

This will be a small and friendly space where all are welcome, regardless of yoga experience or ability. 
Pricing: £20

“Being new to yoga I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to do it - but I was pleased with the content and definitely want to continue.”
— Martha