Yoga for Emotional Health - Standing Strong against Anxiety 

Saturday 8TH september 2 - 4pm, yogasara, picton street, bristol

Yoga is a practice that helps is to become whole by moving more closely into the present moment. The more we can build our awareness of our body sensations, of the movement of the breath, and the thoughts and emotions that arise and fall, the more we build our inner resilience and strength to get us through the darkest days. 

This workshop introduces yoga as a tool for our emotional health. When we feel anxious, our hearts can race, our mind can torture us, and we can experience feelings of fear and isolation. 

At these times it can be difficult to know what action to take. In this workshop, we will explore yoga as a tool of relaxation by exploring postures which help to steady the mind and calm the mind.

In this workshop we will:
-Explore the warrior standing postures to help us feel strong and steady
-Explore simple restorative yoga to open the heart space and allow love and compassion into the body
-Using breathing practices to calm the nervous system down, activating the parasympathetic nervous system  

This will be a small and friendly space where all are welcome, regardless of yoga experience or ability. 

Pricing: £20

“Mel is an exceptional person, and people warm to her instantly. Humble, full of compassion and excellent teacher!”
— Linda