My classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, colour, shape or size. I aim to create an inclusive, friendly, down-to-earth space in which to share the wonderful practises of yoga. 


Shakti YOGA: 11.15AM - 12.30PM, Bristol City Yoga

Enjoy a women-only practice designed to celebrate and honor the female body and feminine creative energy of Shakti.

Available on Move GB (under Bristol City Yoga) or as a drop in. From £12.50 (£10 concessionary). 


lunchtime yoga: 1PM - 2PM Folk House

Sign up to a 10 week lunchtime hatha yoga course at the Folk House and explore different styles of yoga from hatha, yin, yoga nidra and meditation.

Book a 10 week term through Bristol Folk House - you can still book once a term has begun.


Radical rest: 3.45pM - 5PM, yogasara, picton street, montpelier

In this class we will explore radical rest in the form of energy balancing pranayamas, heart centred meditations, yin-influenced practices to support the hips and pelvis, practices to awaken the feet, mudras, practices to support the joints and balance the vata in the body, and of course, deeply nourishing and healing yoga nidra. 

Available on Move GB (under Mel Skinner Yoga) or as a drop in, £10. 


restorative YOGA and yoga nidra: 2.30PM -3.45PM BRISTOL CITY YOGA

Calm down the nervous system, reduce stress and free the natural breath. The afternoon is a natural time of sleepiness for many of us, so rather than push through with coffee and sugar, why not let yourself rest?

Available on Move GB (under Bristol City Yoga) or as drop in. From £10 (£8 concessionary). 


HATHA yoga: 5.30PM -6.45PM Bristol CIty Yoga

Explore mindful movement, calming breath practices and relaxation in this class for beginners.

Available on Move GB (under Bristol City Yoga) or as a drop in. From £10 (£8 concessionary). 

Welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, inclusive, wonderfully relaxing voice and demeanour. Absolutely wonderful for a beginner like me.
— Rita