Restorative Afternoon: Building Resilience

Restorative Yoga, Sunday 25th MARCH 2.15pm - 5.15pm, Bristol City Yoga

"Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit." Bernard Williams, British Philosopher.

Human beings are incredibly resilient. The desire for the soul to live on sees many people overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Resilience is the glue that holds us together when life gets tough, but for many of us, the effects of ongoing stresses or traumas begin to take their toll, leaving us feeling weak and de-motivated. 

When we are subjected to stress over a sustained period of time, it can begin to affect our mental and physical health, leaving us feeling exhausted and unable to cope. At these times we usually decide to push ourselves harder, or just give up. Either way, we are often left with the physical impact of prolonged stress such as weakened immune system, erratic hormonal system, and digestive and sleep problems, not to mention low self esteem.

Restorative yoga and yoga nidra are tools which can help us build our resilience and inner strength by giving ourselves permission to rest. When we take deep rest, we take ourselves out of fight or flight mode, and into the rest and digest mode. Not only that, but by recognising that we are beings that deserve to be nurtured and nourished can be a radical shift in the way we take care of ourselves. 

Mel will guide you through a sequence of restorative yoga postures designed to move the spine in all directions, with minimal muscular effort. By releasing tension in places like the diaphragm, pelvic floor, jaw and shoulders we create space in the body for breath, which brings a state of relaxation to the nervous system, and leaves us feeling grounded, centred and well. We will explore iRest and yoga nidra to help us encounter all of our feelings and thoughts in a more even and less reactive manner, at the same time as creating deep and nourishing rest.

Price - £36 

“Mel you are so kind and thought and just so experienced in your profession, it was a real joy to be in your class. Thank you.”
— Marisa