Breathe In, Breathe Out

 Sunday 18th November 2018, 1.45pm - 4.45pm

Yoga on the square, 27 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SA


“Breathing needs not to be taught but liberated” Liz Koch

There is a way we can improve the quality of life which is completely free, readily available, and easily accessible at any given moment - our breath. However,  many of us are caught up in ‘unnatural’ breath patterns, which can create tension in the body, increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and leave us feeling depleted, weak and low.

In this workshop we start to explore what it means to truly liberate our breath. We will use restorative yoga to calm and relax the body, focusing on the areas which commonly hold the deepest tension, including the hamstrings, lower back and shoulders. We will also explore safe and easy breathing techniques combined with somatic-style movement to return to a natural breath.

There will be discussion around the most common ‘unnatural’ breathing patterns, and using worksheets we will inquire into the patterns we may be holding ourselves. There will also be optional partner work*, to help us explore healing touch as a way to connect into those areas of the body which always seem to be tense.

This is not about controlling the breath or learning ‘how to’ breathe, rather we are letting the body return to its natural, intuitive way of breathing. We will bring an attitude of patience and quietness to our practice, recognising that there is no such thing as instant healing, whilst experiencing the remarkable shift of mood and energy that can come from gentle, yet profound, practice.

Is this for me?

This workshop is for anyone interested in truly understanding the full potential that is held in each breath, including experienced yoga practitioners and total beginners. The physical practices are suitable for all. As well as experiencing the release of physical tension, it is not uncommon to also experience emotional release. Mel is an experienced teacher, with experience of trauma release through yoga practice. The workshop will be held in a way that you feel safe and supported.

*Please note all partner work is optional; for those not wishing to partake in partner work, alternative exercises will be giving.

Please bring a pen with you.

£35 (early bird £30 for bookings before 1st November)


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