Brave Heart

Restorative Yoga, Sunday 8th october, 2.15pm - 5.15pm, Bristol City Yoga

Vulnerability is not weakness and that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brene Brown

To live a life led by the heart requires courage, compassion and vulnerability.We often ‘close off’ the heart to protect ourselves, especially after a loss of some kind, be it a bereavement, the end of a relationship, or when a particular phase of our life that has come to an end (such as coming into parenthood).

Although we feel we are protecting ourselves by shutting down the heart space, eventually we become stuck, stagnant and unhappy. To be able to give and receive love requires our vulnerability. We may consider being vulnerable as being weak, but in fact our greatest strength often lies in our vulnerability.

Our heart space may be closed down if we are unable to be kind to ourselves, if we are critical or judgemental of others, or unable to attract love into our lives. On a physical level we may experience tightness in the shoulders, rounding of upper back, and problems with the arms and hands.

Coming to a Restorative Afternoon is a sign that you are ready to start to lovingly nourish your body and soul. We will explore creating length and space in the abdomen and finding stability in our foundations so that we can open fully, joyfully and courageously into the present moment.

Price - £30 & VAT

“Mel is always supportive and has helpful advice.”
— Jane