"Although my teaching is therapeutic, it is not therapy. Therapy implies there is something in you that is broken, that something out side of you can fix you, and this idea of 'you' is based on your past, your experiences, your conditioning. My approach is designed to heal symptoms based on the belief that 'you' are already whole, healed and perfect. It cannot be called therapy when we are not broken; really it is more a remembering of who we really are." - Mel Skinner

Mel specialises in yoga for people suffering with women's health problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, disconnection and grief, and will create a bespoke programme just for you. Each session will begin with a consultation to discuss your needs and your goals. Mel will act as a guide to help you connect to your innate wisdom, courage and love, and share with you practices that may help you both on and off the mat.  

Mel's real gift lies in offering you the chance to connect deeply to your soul, a place where you can feel rested, whole, and complete without needing to change. Mel uses yoga to help you heal the symptoms of your problem - whether it is trauma related, stress related, or a physical/mental/emotional health problem - whilst uncovering your ability to feel whole in this moment.  

This is how yoga used to be taught - from teacher to student - and it can be a fast-track path to receiving the benefits of yoga. It can be intimidating to come to a drop-in yoga class if you are not feeling your best. Mel's deeply healing approach to applying the practices of restorative yoga, traditional hatha yoga and yoga nidra enable you to find deep, nourishing rest for the body and soul. 

A session is likely to include:

  • The use of restorative yoga asana to open the body, release tension, and achieve a state of deep relaxation
  • Realising negative beliefs and behaviours and learning how to respond to these. This may include introducing the idea of the 'inner critic', and using affirmations
  • Building your own inner resource for resilience and strength to draw upon at any given time
  • Using techniques of body sensing and breath sensing to help to reconnect with the body and the breath as way to ground, feel safe and feel whole
  • Exploring opposites of feelings/emotions/beliefs to realise our full range of feeling, and how this can be a positive thing
  • Exploring concepts of the individual ego and wholeness - how yoga philosophy can be made simple to help us understand our inherent wholeness as One, and move beyond our experiences of 'I'. It's important to note that this does not mean rejecting or denying our experiences; rather to see them as experiences that move through us, not define us
  • Use of mudras, which are hand gestures, and can be profoundly powerful at reconnecting to the body and clearing energy blockages. 
I know these feelings of gratitude and support will come and go over the next few days but I’m enjoying them whilst they are here , it feels quite new or unfamiliar experiencing joyful feelings and I realise it is something that has eluded me recently . So thank you .
— 1-2-1 client

Additional support

I would provide you with your personal recording of a yoga nidra (in mp3 format via email, Dropbox or Google Drive sharing)  to support you in your home practice. This would be a recording of the yoga nidra in each session. I would also be available by email outside of our sessions.


Prices start from £60 for an hour, £75 for 75 minutes and £96 for 2 hours.

Mel highly recommends booking for a minimum of 4-6 sessions, particularly if you are suffering from trauma of any sort as it will take time for the body to start to let you. Mel is happy to offer a discount for block bookings, providing they are used within a reasonable timescale - please contact Mel to discuss. 


Mel offers sessions at various locations around Bristol, including The Practice Rooms in Cotham, Clifton and Westbury-on-Trym, and at Bristol City Yoga in St Pauls. Mel is also available in Bath, Exeter and Cheltenham upon special request. 

I just want you to know, that your teaching along with my first teacher changed my life. You helped me to find a proactive way to handle my depression. Something no anti depressants have managed to do. You made me see that yoga is so much more than doing different positions, which was my pre misconceptions.

Restorative yoga made me actually relax, something I hadn’t properly in years.

Hearing you talk today, I thought that it isn’t just yoga which can have a profound affect on a person, but the actual teacher. And I realised, I needed to tell you that you, have made a huge impact on my life, and my future as I plan to do the 200 hr course in November.

Please keep on what you are doing, you are a true earth angel.
— Carla

Cancellation fee

Any cancellations or re-scheduling needs to be made at least 24hours before the scheduled appointment. Any changes made within 24 hours of the appointment will be subject to a £15 fee.